Pi Beta Phi
At the University of Oregon
Coming Together for a Community of Strangers

In October 2017, the Tubb's Fire tore through the suburbs of Santa Rosa. In just a matter of hours, thousands of families were stripped away of all of their belongings. Sophomore Oregon Alpha, Ashlee Ruggels, helplessly waited to hear about the status of her own home as dozens of her friends were losing theirs. Quickly, she realized there was a way she could help out. Ashlee reached out to all of Oregon Alpha seeing if anyone had any clothes they could donate to the families who lost their homes. Expecting a just a few items, Ashlee was ecstatic to find her room flooding with clothing and toiletries from girls of all member classes. In total, she ended up taking 293 pounds of clothing home to those who lost everything. “It was the best feeling in the world and reminded me of why I joined this chapter in the first place,” Ashlee said. Although this was a terrible tragedy, it was a reminder of the power that our sisterhood has on the world around us, and the strong bonds we hold. 

Sisterhood of the Traveling Angels

Although our sisters make plenty of amazing memories here in Eugene, they still manage to spread their wings all across the world. In 2016, a group of 25 Pi Phis dreamt of going to Chiang Mai, Thailand. Soon, their dreams became a reality. For 2 weeks, they worked with the organization remember Nhu, a nonprofit dedicated to ending child sex slavery. They also had the amazing opportunity to teach students and adults English. "It was an incredible experience for all of us! Being able to immerse ourselves in the beautiful culture as well as putting our philanthropic efforts into hands on experience!”-Annie Henkhaus, senior.